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Canadian Distributor for
FieldEye Information Systems

Also works as a construction camera to watch progress and monitor activity at the job site.

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Smart Off-Grid Controller

For Solar & Wind Powered Systems



High Definition Security Cameras & Smart LED Lighting

Protecting farms, businesses, parks, construction sites and remote locations.

Mobotix Cameras Win Awards

Mobotix Wins  "Best Product" Award At this year’s All-Over-IP security trade fair, which was held in Moscow at the end of November, MOBOTIX...
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Corporation plans a master control room for monitoring the street lights

Corporation plans a master control room for monitoring the street lights In a major step to reduce complaints on street lights operation, the...
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Smart Cities to save 4.2 billion man-hours annually

Smart Cities to save 4.2 billion man-hours annually NEW DELHI: Juniper Research has found that smart traffic management and smart parking...
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How LA is now saving $9M a year with LED streetlights Smart streetlights are saving Los Angeles big money and becoming a cornerstone of their smart...
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Projects & Testimonails

No project to large or small.

From installing HD camera systems and cell boosters on farms to solar powered HD monitoring systems at construction sites. SmartTalk Security specializes in providing solutions to your security, monitoring and communication problems.

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Education is the Key.

The more you know about the latest products and how others are using them will help make your decision easier. Cameras are not just for “big brother” they help in so many, many ways. As well, Smart City technology is here and is gaining serious momentum.


Product vs Solution

Just walking into a box store and buying a “system” off the shelf is not going to guarantee success. There are many things to consider and the instructions are not going to describe your particular situation.

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Open communications is the key to success
in most situations.

When communications break down it is often the
major issue in any organization.

Your security and business operations are no different. If you don’t know or can’t see what is happening then you are not in control. SmartTalk Security is your link to open communications.

From the smallest of operations to the largest, wide-spread businesses. We can connect your worlds with HD Cameras, Smart LED Lighting and Alternative Power Solutions.

We don’t just sell products, we sell solutions. 

  • HD Cameras
  • LED Lighting
  • Solar & Wind Power
  • Chemical & Water Sensors
  • SmartTechnologies


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Not all projects are the same. The number of locations change, the distances change and the power options available can be limited. All of that doesn’t matter to us, we love a challenge.

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Farm Security

Protecting more than just your family.

Protecting the Family Farm

Your farm is large, you have a number of access points, out buildings, storage bins, equipment and livestock to protect and monitor. Not to mention the long hours in the field and a family to protect.

Not to mention there is a crop to plant, monitor and harvest.

SmartTalk Security can provide solutions that will allow you to self-monitor locations on your farm from the house, field or while away on a holiday.

Park Security

Stop Vandalism and Other Crime.

City Parks, Marina’s and Recreation Areas

Unfortunately in today’s society, there are people who barely appreciate what they have let alone other people’s property. Vandalism and theft are a real concern, even assault and worse happen in those unprotected, sparsely lit parks, recreation areas and marina’s.

SmartTalk Security’s line of LED SmartLighting can help. Our LED SmartLight’s can be solar or wind powered, meaning they can be placed virtually anywhere without the extra cost of trenching power to remote locations.

The LED SmartLights include a 360° HD Camera and intelligent software. Software to control the powerful LED lights to dim to 10% power when no activity is detected and come up to full power, even strobe when the cameras detect movement. All of this activity will be recorded to either a local memory card, a local network drive or to the cloud.


Construction Security

Stop Theft. Earn More.

Preventing Construction Theft

Manage your construction projects with technology.

Statistics prove that up to 30% of the overall construction cost of a project is due to theft of building supplies. Whether it is staff, other trades, couriers or vandalism,

Why not pay for portable systems to prevent or reduce these costs rather than pay higher premiums or more in construction materials.

SmartTalk Security has several solutions. Including HD Cameras that record all activity, software to capture license plates of vehicles coming and going on the property. Even weather stations that will display wind speed, precipitation and temperature on the camera footage.

Imagine being able to log in to the camera from the office to see if supplies have been delivered, if it’s too windy to set up the crane or too wet to send in the heavy equipment.

All activity will be recorded and alerts can be sent to any number of people. Security personnel, managers and others will access can log in to the cameras via computers or smartphones. With the ability to Zoom In, Zoom Out, Pan Left and Pan Right of both live and recorded video.

Parking Security

When a light is no longer enough.

Preventing Construction Theft

Manage your construction projects with technology.

The positioning of a light in a parking lot allows people to find their vehicle at night and it provides a sense of security. That is, if someone else is around and see what is going on under the light … and if they are willing to help or come forward as an eye-witness.

If there is a need for a light, why not make it a SmartLight?

iLUX is the solution. A built in 360° HD Camera with smart LED lighting allows the camera to record all activity and also manage the light. When there is no movement in the range of the camera, the light can be programmed as low as 10%, saving energy costs.

When the camera picks up activity, the LED light can be programmed to increase light up to 100% and also record the activity. The light can also be programmed to strobe, to draw even more attention.

This activity is recorded along with the time and date of the event. When something happens, and depending on the smartlight set up, the activity alert can be emailed immediately to security personnel or anyone else.

No longer fo you need to wait until hours or days after an event happens. Be notified in real-time.

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