Is your Security Camera Secure?

Security Cameras with Security Flaws Dahua and Hikvision Poor Track Record Both Dahua and Hikvision have a poor cybersecurity track record, with Dahua’s backdoor gaining a 9.8 out of 10.0 score from DHS ICS-CERT and Hikvision’s backdoor gaining a 10.0 out...

Camera or Security

Camera Software to Prevent Future Issues Are your cameras working? If not, why not? Yes, you can buy fake security cameras, even fake security cameras with a blinking red light. These fake security cameras may work for a little while. They will probably work with...

Mobotix Cameras Win Awards

Mobotix Wins  “Best Product” Award At this year’s All-Over-IP security trade fair, which was held in Moscow at the end of November, MOBOTIX celebrated two successes. They were the only manufacturer in the field of IP video security to win the...

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