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We are proud to announce Brightway Security’s Plans

Brightway Security (formerly Probe Systems Inc.)

Probe Systems Inc. built its reputation by delivering quality products, innovation and service. Serving clients is a mission not a task. Research and development into new and innovative products help you get the best products and solutions from around the world.

Job Site SecurityBrightway Security, one of the Folk Group of Companies has more resources such journeyman electricians, more equipment to dig, reach and deliver larger more challenging Smart Lighting & Monitoring Solutions faster with more options. We also have more facilities to develop, build and support products, more system control expertise and a wider range of delivery and support options.  Consider our new See and Track solution or our new Smart Farm Watch solutions which augment and enhance our Remote Watch solutions.

Most important, we have the financial resources required to better serve existing and new clients.

“Brightway Security is a great addition to our group of companies.  It both enhances and builds on the services offered by our construction, electrical and shop divisions but more important, the innovative thinking, products and solutions offered by Brightway Security stand alone as a beacon lighting up the way to a bright future.”

Steve Folk

President, Folk Group of Companies

“I am excited by the opportunity to work with Steve and his staff.  It is exciting to work with a progressive and positive individual such as Steve and his team of professionals.  Most important, we are now in a better positioned to support clients with new and existing products and services.”

Alfred Strauch
Vice Preseident, Brightway Security


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