Camera Software to Prevent Future Issues

Are your cameras working? If not, why not?

Yes, you can buy fake security cameras, even fake security cameras with a blinking red light. These fake security cameras may work for a little while. They will probably work with those who have a conscious and don’t want to get caught doing something stupid.

But it probably won’t work with those who are desperate, angry or just don’t care. Then what are you going to do?

Insurance probably won’t help because of the fake security cameras. The police / RCMP are unable to investigate further if there is no video footage of the incident.

If you think your business needs security cameras …
why would you go with fake security cameras?

Sure the cost is probably a tenth of the price. But does that mean you value your business, products, staff and customers that little?

If your security cameras are not working, what is your risk! Are your employees at risk? Is your reputation at risk?

It is not unusual to find CCTV cameras fail. Just Google CCTV camera failure to see story after story.

The questions are:

  • why do these failures go unnoticed?
  • Why do businesses accept these failures?
  • Is anyone responsible or liable for these failures?
  • What should your expectations be as a CCTV owner?

What are the causes of CCTV failures?
Old CCTV solutions have limited ability to monitor and notify owners and users.
Old CCTV systems are less reliable.
Low cost solutions have limited ability to monitor and notify owners and user.
Many expensive solutions have limited ability to technical notification ability to owners and users.
Smart cameras do a much better at providing limited notifications but notification processes are poor and often not monitored.
Video management solutions are designed to monitor video. Users do not always watch video.

So what is your liability, if your surveillance solution is not working?

Liability falls into several categories:

  • Material loss
  • Information loss
  • Loss of credibility
  • Legal loss

Material loss is probably the least costly and yet occupies the greatest amount of interest related to video surveillance. This does not diminish the great costs associated with theft but protection of people is more important. The use of surveillance as part of a deterrent model is necessary.

The loss of information related to operations, people and processes is very important. Underestimating the importance of video information is often overlooked and misunderstood. Understanding how people interact in your business helps with training. Understanding how people interact as part of operations is important to streamlining processes. Video provides facts from which an organization builds processes to improve operations to reduce frustrations for people.

Loss of credibility leads to the loss of confidence by staff and clients,. Once you lose credibility your risk of loss increases both operationally and legally. Staff and the public question your commitment and professionalism. Those with criminal intent see opportunity.

Legal Issues
Video surveillance is no longer a new solution. It is becoming a utility and as a utility, users are expected to use such a service to protect assets, staff and clients. You are expected to employ a solution and management the solution to ensure it is working. System failures will lead to different liabilities.

What is the solution?
Video management solutions are designed to managed video. We need a solution designed to ensure cameras and iot devices are operational at all times whether they are being visually monitored or not.

SmartTalk Beacon continually monitors cameras and IoT devices to ensure they are online and operational. Cameras that show technical issues create support tickets immediately. A support ticket is sent to support stall both technical in-house and field staff associated with a camera location. A devices operational history maintained in related to support acknowledgement and resolution. This represents accountability.

With SmartTalk Beacon you have proof in the form of reports showing operational integrity and support processes to minimize liability. More important, you will have video evidence when needed.

No charges against former Canadian Tire employee accused of assaulting First Nations customer.

…police conducted witness interviews, but there was no surveillance video from inside the store.

This function has been disabled for Smart Camera & Smart LED Lighting for Security.

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