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HI Steven,
We have worked hard over the last years years to:

  1. Deliver leading edge solutions to help you save money!
  2. Deliver reliable solutions designed for harsh environments – no housings needed!
  3. Develop services for multiple site organizations can better manage their surveillance solutions.

In the past, surveillance solutions needed to be monitored constantly by staff to ensure they were operational, now..

We can guarantee your cameras are all working and recording without the need for costly human monitoring.

Also consider that our solutions include:

  • Analytics to count, monitor and advise.
  • Cameras make phone calls when the situation requires immediate action.
  • Smart LED Lights with communications and cameras built in – just makes sense!
  • Remote location solutions running on solar/wind with communications
  • Error notification solution so that services remain reliable
  • Special field monitoring solution – Field Eye
ILTA Grain

We can guarantee your cameras are all working and recording.

Without the need for costly human monitoring.

Why International Commodity Handling Companies Monitor/Report?

Can you
provide proof

  • A container was filled and sealed at a specific time, date and location?
  • A container was not contaminated at loading?
  • A loading incident did not impact commodity safety?
  • Spill is handled in the appropriate manner?

Have you implemented time savings and incident reporting solutions to:

  • Speed the loading of containers through the monitoring of lower and upper container processes (are the doors open or closed).
  • Speed and monitor the movement of containers.
  • Speed scale operations or include live stream weight printing.
  • Thermal monitoring equipment areas related to temperature, vibration and fire?

Do you monitor the safety and security processes related to OH&S to:

  • Reduce accidents?
  • Document/Report incidents?
  • Reduce risk and liabilities?
  • Monitor areas related to dust, gases, temperature and fall risks?

Do you have a quality site protection strategy to:

  • Prevent theft through environmental design?
  • Document conflict interactions between clients/staff or staff and staff?
  • Document criminal internal and external activities?

Solution Categories:


Smart Cameras

What is a Smart Camera?

“Our definition of a smart surveillance camera is a highly reliable, high definition, low light, self contained messaging unit that delivers a variety of lens and image options, has on-board analytics and is self managed or decentralized.”

  • Highly Reliable – 3-4 warranty with less than 0.01% failure
  • High Definition – 6 mega pixel (3072 x 2048) using a 1/12 x larger sensor for light optimization.
  • Low Light Image sensor sensitivity – in Lux at 1/60 s/1 s = 0.05/0.0025 (BW/LPF) + (LEO) Light Exposure Optimization Software
  • Self Contained Messaging – MX Messaging, IP Messaging, Email and SIP.  Internal and external messaging for single and multiple camera and device operations.  RS 232 + 485 communications, input, output, GPS, Proximity, radar, expansion boxes and surge protection are available.
  • Lens and Image Options – b/w, color, thermal and a variety of focal length lenses are available.  Thermal and optical image layering is available.
  • On-board analytics – Motion analysis, Object Statistics, Behavior analysis, Heat Mapping
  • Self Managed cameras – Each camera is an independent management system therefore it minimizes network traffic because processed images are sent over the network.  NO VMS is required.
  • Professional VMS – A  professional Video Management Software is available at no charge.

Smart LED Lights

What is a Smart Light and Grid?

Giga Control system is an intelligent wireless technology that allows remote operation and monitoring of all fixtures through a web enabled central management system.

Giga Wireless Control allows the operator to set multiple dimming schedules and monitor usage in real time. Also, using a modified version of the LED Luminaire the Smart Light has a hemispheric camera mounted inside the IP67 watertight housing. The camera is installed under the glass and provides 360° coverage for observation and surveillance.

The Smart LED light engine interfaces with the camera giving you the ability to control the light providing a visual deterrence by either turning on or off, blinking the light and/or raising the light level.


Power in Partnerships

We are a SaskTtel M2M Partner, Sierra Wireless Partner and
a Cradlepoint Partner.

We have implemented various P2P, P2 Multipoint and HSPA connections.

Off Grid

Grid & Off-Grid

Green Energy

With so many more municipalities and businesses committing to sustainability, there has been a huge increase in the number of solar powered lighting projects around the world. Some of our recent projects have leveraged advertising banners on the poles to help fund the lighting systems.

The customers also love the distinguished look of these UGE-designed lights with sail arms.

Products, Technology and Knowledge

Our products are not the cheapest, nor are they most expensive, but they are the best.

Most anyone can install a camera or a solar panel, but is it the right camera for the job?

We all know pictures speak a thousand words but few know how to implement cameras to improve operations. In today’s world of immediate remote communications, are you using these technologies to improve operations and save money?

If you are responsible for multiple sites and millions of dollars of assets, we can help you guarantee effective incident and activity reporting so more effective decisions can be made to improve operations.

Our tools include:

  • Site planning and process integration.
  • Smart High Definition (HD) IP Cameras
  • Video Analytics Included
  • Smart LED Lighting
  • Machine to Machine (M2M Technology)
  • Sensors monitoring – temp, water, etc
  • Weather Stations

Smart Cities

Smart cities that leverage technology and innovation to improve efficiency and quality of life for their citizens are picking up steam around the globe.

  • Cell (HSPA) & Radio Communications
  • Independent Network Structure
  • Inclusive Video Management Software (No Fees, No Licensing)
  • Self Managed
  • Cloud based multi site device error management
  • Thermal metric monitoring
  • Advanced messaging including camera to client phone calls and 2 way communications

Our Parnters

It takes a team to offer solutions

By offering Solutions instead of just Products, SmartTalk Security has a number of partners to help solve our clients issues.

This alone is one of the major factors that allows us to do what we do and separates us from our competitors.

We are local but we work global.


MOBOTIX is a software company offering a ever groing line of High Definition IP cameras. Their productsare placed in high-security applications like prisons, airports or soccer stadiums because MOBOTIX systems have no restrictions in terms of number of users or cameras. The professional Video Management Software and video analysis are parts of the system offering and free of charge without any license fees. In addition, software updates are free via download and transform every MOBOTIX product into a future-proof investment.

Sierra Wireless

Were the first to market with the world’s smallest module, embedded software, embedded SIM, interchangeable modules and 4G LTE and LTE-Advanced solutions. We offer the most comprehensive portfolio of wireless devices, including 2G, 3G, and 4G embedded modules and gateways which are seamlessly integrated with our secure cloud and connectivity services.


Cradlepoint is the leading provider of cloud-based wired and wireless WAN networking solutions for Distributed and Mobile Enterprises. Cradlepoint solutions provide the strongest wireless and broadband performance while delivering proven network system interoperability. Cradlepoint’s broad family of high-performance router platforms are designed for deployment in mission-critical applications that require 24×7 connectivity. With both integrated wireless and wired WAN and non-integrated versions, our solutions are ideal for distributed and mobile operations and emerging industries that require either remote connectivity or multi-WAN redundancy.

Clear Blue Technologies

Clear Blue Technologies is a technology company whose employees have more than 20 years of experience in the engineering and high technology fields. We have combined environmentally-friendly green energy with advanced hardware and software to deliver the most reliable, intelligent, and high performance Smart Off-Grid technology.  This results in systems that are easier to install, reduce the cost of ownership and can be monitored and controlled over the Web.

SaskTel M2M

Machine-to-Machine (M2M) technology allows your machines and devices to communicate directly with one another, eliminating the need for human intervention. And it’s not new: from caller ID to microchips, M2M has been streamlining our lives and businesses for decades. But now, we’re taking it to the next level.

With wide-reaching modern systems like wireless networks and the cloud, M2M is smarter than ever. Cutting-edge M2M technology allows us to capture events like temperature, inventory level, or status, then relays and translates this data into meaningful, actionable information: telling you that you need to order more inventory, or that your gas tank is low.


MOBOTIX Outdoor Cameras

LED Street Lights and Smart Grid

Smart Off-Grid

Smart M2M Integration

Case Studies

The technology works.

By offering Solutions instead of just Products, SmartTalk Security has a number of partners to help solve our clients issues.  This alone is one of the major factors that allows us to do what we do and separates us from our competitors. We are local but we work global.


Progressive Campus Security

The Republic Polytechnic (RP) is one of five polytechnics in Singapore – and one of the most modern in the world. First established in August 2002, the number of students increased from 800 in 2003 to 3,600 in 2005. The courses of study include communications and automation technology, information technology and applied sciences such as biotechnology and new media.

All students and staff at the RP have notebook computers that are connected with the campus network via wireless LAN. Course information is exchanged using the polytechnic’s own e-Learning system and even tests can be taken online. The RP represents the education of the future – paperless, wireless and safe.

Read Full Case Study | PDF

See more case studies from Mobotix

Maximum Security for Courthouse and Jail

Designed by architect James Reilly Gordon circa 1911, the Bergen County Courthouse is a fine example of the Beaux Arts classicism that typifies the civic architecture of the period. Its imposing design reflects the pride and confidence in government that characterized public buildings in the early twentieth century.

The Bergen County Jail in New Jersey serves the community as a central reception and processing center for pre-trial male and female adult detainees whose confinement is necessary to ensure a court appearance. The facility also provides for the detention of both sentenced and unsentenced prisoners in a minimum, medium and maximum-security environment.

Read Full Case Study | PDF

See more case studies from Mobotix

Sierra Wireless

City of Clermont-Ferrand

City of Clermont-Ferrand Reduces Street-Light Operating Costs by 40% per Annum with Sogexi and Sierra Wireless.

The City of Clermont-Ferrand has deployed Sogexi street lighting telemanagement system across the municipality, with over 16,000 lights in operation. Sogexi has over 30 years of experience and innovation in the field of street lighting backed by international patents.

Read Full Case Study | PDF

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Aeration Control Increases Grain Production Efficiency

Aeration Control Australia, part of the Industrial Automation Group, focuses on the delivery of high-quality grain aeration control systems originally developed in association with Australia’s foremost research organization, the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization (CSIRO).

Read Full Case Study | PDF

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City of Harare, Zimbabwe

Churchill Road is a busy road in the city. While there were grid-connected light poles along the road, the lights were no longer working due to very old infrastructure, vandalism and degraded components. Lack of lighting made it difficult for both drivers and pedestrians at night. Unfortunately this is not uncommon in Zimbabwe, and a new approach was needed that would provide reliable lighting at a time when government funding sources were not

Read Full Case Study | PDF

City of Hamilton, Ontario

The land around the Niagara Escarpment presented unique challenges however. With less than one foot of topsoil, installing traditional electric lighting would have required quarrying through solid rock for over 2 kilometers in length, an expensive and difficult undertaking. With these challenges, City personnel investigated the feasibility of using solar-powered lighting instead.

Read Full Case Study | PDF

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