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Protecting the Remote Job Site

Providing Solutions to Protect, Monitor and to Provide

Site Security. Site Lighting. Communications. Power.

The issue with most job sites is they are typically in the middle of nowhere or have no power when starting or difficult to manage and protect. Brightway Security has all the solutions to solve these issues.

Working with a number of technology partners from all over the world we have the knowledge, products and the passion to develop products and solutions for job site security and surveillance.


High Definition Job Site Security Solutions

HD IP Cameras

A proper security/surveillance system starts with the number one IP Camera in the world. Mobotix IP Cameras are changing the way security and surveillance is implemented. High Definition cameras with built in software allows you to view the footage of the camera from your desktop computer, smartphone or tablet.

With the software, you are able to Zoom In and Out, Pan Left and Right and with a number of built in triggers you are able to send notifications of incidents by email and SMS. The camera footage can be recorded to build in devices or saved to a cloud platform or external DVR.

LED Smart-lighting
Commercial & Industrial

Shedding light on your surveillance and security needs. The technology has arrived to allow for smart-lighting at the job site. Our line of Commercial and Industrial LED Lighting is a game changing solution.

With 2 solutions, one electrically wired and one using alternative power, you can now install lighting anywhere. Lighting provides peace of mind, security and the ability to see what you want, anytime, anywhere.

We are able to install HD cameras into the light fixtures and even Wi-Fi to extend a signal for staff or security staff to patrol all corners of your property effectively.

Commercial & Industrial LED Outdoor Lighting
Wireless Security Cameras & Products

No Trenching. No Software.

A stumbling block for most people to not install a proper job site surveillance system is the potential hassle of having to trench lines, learn software, work with existing IT teams to install or more.

Our technology is much more simple than that and there is no need to purchase or learn complicated software. All of our camera systems come with pre-installed software and it is easy to use. Using HSPA (Cell towers), Satellite, Radio Frequency (RF) to communicate with the cameras makes it very easy to implement a system just about anywhere.

Alternative Power Solutions

Securing the job site from day one of the project should be the plan. Until now, providing power, security and even Wi-Fi to the job site has been an issue. Brightway Security can now provide you with the solution for the remote job site.

Alternative Power Solutions for Job Site Security

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