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Decentralized Video – Stand alone, Intelligence Inside

This decentralized in-camera intelligence allows users to build cost-effective systems that can be easily used for automatic video recording. The customer has the choice between onboard devices (SD card) or standard IT storage.

Software 100% Included

Every Smart Cameras camera comes with all the software necessary to create a high-quality surveillance system. Advanced functions are built into the camera, such as video management, image analysis, and VoIP calling. Professional Video Management System (VMS) is included for Windows, Mac and Linux* without limits and costs.*

Low light Technology – A New Benchmark

All new Smart Cameras cameras are equipped with the brand-new 6MP Moonlight Technology, which gives an outstanding increase of light sensitivity of up to 300-times versus former models.

The new technology is a major improvement of the whole image processing inside the camera, from the lens and sensor to the final image. This allows fast-moving objects to be captured in low light conditions like moonlight.

Innovative Motion Detection Without False Alarms

Smart Cameras cameras include sophisticated sensor technologies to define precise events with the right notification activities. Low Light Sensors is able to detect motion during the most extreme conditions, without false alarms and complicated configuration, but with the highest reliability. Low Light Sensor reduces false alarms of up to 90% and will save installation and operational costs dramatically


Ring Buffer Concept and Failover Storage

Smart Cameras invented in 2000 the ring-buffer concept to support long term onboard (SD card) or NAS recording to bridge network failures or bandwidth fluctuations. 

Maintenance Free

Every Smart Cameras camera is a solid investment, built to withstand extreme weather conditions and temperatures for a very long time without moving parts. No additional housings or climate control systems are needed for outdoor installation. The fiber-glass reinforced outer housing protects the camera and is immune to corrosion and direct sunlight.

Privacy And Data Security

Every Smart Cameras system includes sophisticated password security with supervisory protection for users and cameras.

Smart Cameras offers unrivaled system privacy and data security. Recordings are encrypted to guarantee the security of the data.

This function has been disabled for Smart Camera & Smart LED Lighting for Security.

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