High Definition, Weatherproof Security Camera

Looking to protect your business, staff and property … look no further.

An elegant, ultra compact and weatherproof IP dome camera. Thanks to the 360° all-round view to capture an entire room, a panorama function and a quad view to show images from four different angles simultaneously, the Q25 can be used in all new scenarios.
  • High-resolution widescreen panorama from wall to wall, ideal for access control
  • Integrated DVR (up to 64 GB) for long-term recording without network load
  • Digital continuous tilting, panning and zooming without mechanically moving the camera
  • Robust and low maintenance with no moving parts
  • Newest MOBOTIX 5MP sensor technology with up to 30 fps and improved zoom
  • Microphone, speaker, MxBus and intelligent movement sensors (MxActivitySensor)
  • Optimized image quality and reduced motion blur even in poor lighting conditions

Better Light Sensitivity

The light sensitivity of the 5MP color sensors is up to four times better compared to the former 3MP sensors, which enhances the overall image quality in for instance bad weather or low light conditions.

More Details When Zooming

The new 5MP technology offers greater maximum zoom than 3MP sensors. Image detail is improved by 27 percent. A camera with a 5 megapixel sensor not only produces better images, it can also be positioned even further away from the monitored buildings and areas. As a result, the cameras can be installed in places that are optimally protected from unauthorized access.

Black And White Sensors Now Up To 5MP

The new cameras series 5 are the world‘s first MOBOTIX cameras that also feature a 5MP night sensor, which produces black and white QXGA images. This sensor produces significantly larger images than the current 1MP sensor, with the added advantage of improved detail enlargement thanks to the digital zoom feature.


Unique Motion Detection in the camera


The MxActivitySensor is an activity-controlled, software-based image analysis function for detecting movement of people and objects in a monitored area (full image or section). Unlike existing video motion sensors, which detect all events in the defined motion windows, the MxActivitySensor is very easy to configure and delivers reliable results, even in applications with large amounts of external interference. For example, the camera now distinguishes between movements of vehicles, people or objects that trigger an alarm and movements that are not relevant for alarms, such as shadows, changes in illumination, trees swaying in the wind or rain directly at the lens.

Interesting detailed information regarding the MxActivitySensor can be found in our compendium “compact guide” and the extended section “MxActivitySensor”.

What Is Detected?
The sensor detects objects or people that cross the defined monitored area or move toward or away from the camera. The MxActivitySensor will be available in May free of charge via a simple firmware update for current MOBOTIX cameras (activation in Web browser).

The snowfall here will not trigger a movement alarm; yet, the person moving from right to left in the background will be detected.

This function has been disabled for Smart Camera & Smart LED Lighting for Security.

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