Our Team

Brightway Security is a solutions based technology company with specialization in security and associated technologies. To this end we are devoted to customer satisfaction through innovation and excellence. The team is always growing and if you are interested in joining the Probe Systems family, we are always interested in your resume.

Alfred Strauch | Chief Business Officer

Alfred has been involved with systems for 23 years in IT with 12 years dedicated to video surveillance. Understanding systems, networking and applications is a key requirement for reliable systems operations. Alfred is also a certified structured cable network design and installation professional who feels quality service starts from the ground up. He is also a Certified Mobotix Installation Specialist with Advanced Mobotix Partnership designation.

Services and Installation Team

Quality, reliability, integrity describe our services team of engineers, technicians and online support professionals.  Installations are delivered by our team of journeymen electricians with integrated knowledge of building, electrical and security needs.

Quality starts with peoples expectation. Our team has high expectations for themselves and the services they deliver. This shows in the quality of workmanship, focus on detail and quest for quality products that meet client needs.

Reliability has its roots in quality service. A job done right from the beginning has great reliability. A job built with quality products is trouble free.

Integrity is a sound base built on moral and ethical principles. This means our clients get the truth, good and bad.

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