Job Site Security Cameras

Job Site Security Products

Providing solutions for the remote job site.

From High Definition IP Cameras to Alternative power LED Lighting

We live in exciting times. With all of the available technology breakthroughs in recent years we have been able to develop, source and provide some products. SmartTalk Security primarily focuses on the remote job-site but most of our products will work just about anywhere.

Product vs Solution

What is the difference?

You might say, SmartTalk Security puts its money to work for you. We are always pushing products, technology, expertise and skills to the limit to deliver solutions that work for clients like you. We create value for our customers which sets us apart from the crowd.


Cameras, alarms, access control, solar, masts, batteries and more are but a few of our products.  We can sell them to you, install them and show you how to use them.

We select the best products for a given problem so you can be assured they work.


Solutions are well thought out, tested and proven collections of products assembled to solve a business problem.

We deliver a variety of solutions:

Remote Disaster is our premium solution containing a lot of technology from the solutions above into one solution.

Is this what you have been looking for?

SmartTalk Security can provide you a packaged solution of provide a custom solution. Let’s get started.

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