Disaster Communications Trailer

Disaster Communications Trailer

Helping Manage Communications, Data and Power

Connecting your complete management team. On the scene and in the office.

Whether its natural or human error, when a disaster strikes time is critical.

Our Remote Disaster trailer should be the first tool deployed at the scene. Equipped with 5 High Definition cameras, mounted high on a 20′ pneumatic mast will start to record all activity around the scene. Powered by solar panels and optional wind turbine, the Remote Watch trailer can be placed anywhere as a stand-alone device.

Our trailer is also equipped with a number of sensors for water levels and weather (precipitation levels, wind direction and wind speed, and temperature) and can be equipped with specific sensors to accommodate a number of chemicals and gases.

Remote Watch is also your communications hub. By providing Wi-Fi to those on the scene, it also allows for authorized users to login to the trailer camera feeds to review anything they want without having to wait for answers from those at ground zero to respond.

On-Site Monitoring

Now the on-site team can communicate directly with all other teams remotely. The Remote Watch Trailer should be the first piece of equipment at the scene.

Powered by solar panels (optional wind turbine available) the Remote Watch trailer can start recording video, monitoring any chemical or water levels and providing WiFi for all team members.

Cloud Connections

All video and data recorded at the scene will be recorded to the cloud or an internal DVR by QNAP. This valuable data can be used for insurance, training staff and even to prevent future events.

Deployed as the first equipment on the scene can save time, costs and even money if management and others in charge are able to review the scene remotely from their offices.

Save Time & Money

Specialists, team leaders, consultants can all login to the system and retrieve live feed video, pan and zoom cameras, view data from any sensors or weather stations.

They can watch, analyze and deploy the right teams, equipment and more from where all of their contact information is .. in the office. This is where they work best and this is what Remote Disaster was designed to do.

Data, Data, Data

You can never have enough data. Remote Watch Trailer can record all activity in and around the disaster area.  From chemical and gas sensors, water levels, weather, seismic, vehicle speed, and other M2M options.

Use this data for training, insurance, prevention and more. Let your team do what they do best and let Remote Disaster watch and record everything else.

There’s just no reason to not have this tool working for you.

Helping Manage Power, Communications and Monitoring in Disasters

Accidents & Disasters can happen anywhere. Connect your complete management team with one device.

Remote Disaster is a valuable piece of equipment. Using the Remote Watch Trailer as a base, SmartTalk Security can add any number of components to the trailer.

The Remote Disaster unit should be the first piece of equipment deployed. The Remote Trailer, is green powered solar panels (optional wind turbine can be added) can be up and running by the simple turn of a switch. The batteries inside will stay charged to provide power to the cameras, on-board WI-FI and also provide auxiliary power if required.

Remote Disaster Equipment

Remote Disaster can be equipped as a trailer or tower. These systems can be linked with other M2M solutions and connected to other Remote Watch systems in the area.

Remote Disaster is designed to maximize area coverage, provide continuous HD recording and storage. The addition of sensors, sirens and lights may be required based on the situation requirements. The electronics, power systems and electronics are designed for flexibility of information gathering, distribution, speed of deployment and mobility.

  • Insulated for optimal cold and heat resistance
  • Turn Key deployment
  • Stabilization out riggers
  • 5 High Definition Smart Camera – 5 mega pixel sensors
  • A communications medium – HSPA or W-Fi or both
  • Solar Power
  • Loud speaker
  • Siren
  • Warning lights
  • Low Wattage LED lights
  • Batteries – 10 days
  • Support electronics
  • 20′ pneumatic mast
  • System Management Unit for device integration
  • Low power high volume storage
  • Weather station integration
  • 1 Thermal camera
  • Optional Fist Aid Station
  • 6-12 k watt genset
  • LED light stand
  • Low power rugged mass storage
  • Optional Fist Aid Station
  • 6-12 k watt genset
  • LED light stand
  • Low power rugged mass storage device
  • Annual and semi annual service agreements
  • Video validation – remote video monitoring with flexible time period
  • LPR License Plate Recognition

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