Alarm Monitoring from your Smartphone.

Be notified the moment something happens by text,
email or phone.

Enhance Security and Save money. With Remote Monitoring, you can be notified the moment something happens at your home, work or remote site.

Not everyone needs to implement a video monitoring program in fact there are ways to both save money, improve security and self monitor.

Integrate Alarms with Smart Camera Technology

Mobotix smart cameras contact you based on motion, temperature, light, sound or any attached monitoring device.

Save money by integrating alarm devices such as glass breaks into your Mobotix Smart Cameras. Use your camera to sound alarms, turn on lights, open doors and much more…

Incorporate Our Video Validation Service

Remote Monitoring is a revolutionary new product designed specifically to provide secure back-to-base monitoring between your premises and your monitoring center.

“Packages start at as little as $25 per month per camera and it includes notifications, phone and online alarms.”

When an alarm is received via the Remote Monitoring system, the monitoring centre immediately sees the camera scene at which the alarm occurred, allowing for instant alarm verification. Police can be notified and dispatched based on available validated video.

The high-resolution video verification Remote Monitoring provides is a cost-effective way of reducing the actions of false alarms, while providing a prompt response to real alarm events.

You choose how, where & when you want your site monitored. Remote Monitoring uses the latest technology for on-site storage and networking, and provides a highly secure connection between your site and the monitoring centre.

The software module installed in every Remote Monitoring monitoring centre allows for instant on-screen verification of alarms, remote virtual patrols and remote access control. As soon as you’re connected, your site is protected.

This function has been disabled for Smart Camera & Smart LED Lighting for Security.

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