Cameras for Mechanics and Service Bays

Quality Control Cameras for Service Trades

Protecting your staff and providing peace of mind for clients

The customer is always right… some of the time. In the service industry, the customer is either waiting in your lobby or is waiting in their vehicle for service which can be stressful for you and the client.

Today, customer access to details related to their vehicle is restricted and fewer customers understand the service requirements or processes. Our Service Watch solution makes it possible for a service technician to display important details related to their vehicle on a TV thereby showing in real time a problem and/or solution.

The system and process reduce the potential for disagreements with customer because the complete service process has been recorded in video with audio. You can easily review the video with the customer to eliminate misunderstandings and disagreements. Long term video storage options are available with Service Watch (6 – 12+ months).

Service Watch provides peace of mind to you the business knowing your business is protected and your staff is protected from accusations. It also will record your employees’ actions and provide peace of mind to the customer that you are documenting anything that may happen to their vehicle while in your place of business.

This function has been disabled for Smart Camera & Smart LED Lighting for Security.

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