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Remote Monitoring, Surveillance & Security

Take control of your own monitoring and security.

What if you had all the facts right at your finger tips… to make better site management decisions?

What if You could…

  • View all activity in and around your site – night or day
  • Listen to what is happening on location
  • Monitor air quality, water levels, weather data,

What if you could be immediately notified…

• When air quality was sour
• Motors were heating up
• Unauthorized people were entering your compound

Now you can… thanks to new state of the art technology delivered by SmartTalk Security.


Job Site Camera Systems

Remote Watch Trailer

Solar, Communications & Cameras
in a Mobile System

The Remote Watch Trailer, a top level security management system, is used in most situations. The Remote Watch Trailer is used as a stand alone system or in conjunction with another Remote Watch Trailer, a Remote Watch Unit and/or a Remote Watch UPS.

Perimeter monitoring, blind spot surveillance and additional entrance monitoring is delivered with Remote Watch Units and UPS solutions which work with Remote Watch Trailers.  The Remote Watch Trailer acts as a management platform for communication and information management.

Remote Watch Trailers have more room for power, communications and monitoring devices. They also act as the job site Fist Aid station or can provide new site power via an on-board genset.

Enhance Project Communications

The bottom line is you save money related to onsite security staff, enhanced information access with actionable documentation. If a picture is worth a thousand word, a video is worth ten thousand words.

Remote Watch Tower

Solar & Wind Powered
HD Camera System

Remote Watch Towers are a cost effective solution incorporating multiple power solutions (solar, wind and batteries with optional fuel cell technology), communication solutions and monitoring solutions to guarantee optimal security.

Multiple cameras, communication devices and monitoring solutions are available on a Remote Watch Tower.  This unit can be deployed and it can stay there, doing it’s job without complaining.

Put a system where it wasn’t possible.

Add sensors for H2S gas, water levels and even Remote Watch Weather station to monitor wind and precipitation.

The Remote Watch Tower can be utilized as a first responder at disaster locations. Placed by a helicopter, close to the disaster scene, the HD cameras and on-board sensors can start recording activity, capturing data and monitoring for chemicals before the ground team can get to the scene.

You can see what is happening anytime you want, from anywhere.

Alternative Energy Powered HD Camera Systems

Remote Watch Unit / UPS

Solar or Electrically Wired
HD Camera System

The Remote Watch Unit is solar powered HD Camera system for the remote job site. If power is limited or has not been established at the job site, Remote Watch Unit(s) can be placed around the job site to monitor the area and protect the site, building supplies and monitor construction vandalism.

Multiple Remote Watch Units can all be linked together to work as one unit to monitor large construction sites. From monitoring the entry gate and the complete perimeter to be solely focused on the building material. With on-board motion sensors, each camera will start recording as a person or vehicle moves out of range of one camera and picked up by the next camera in-line.

Add a Remote Weather system to monitor wind speeds and precipitation. Properly manage your people and trades by stopping delivery of cement or heavy deliveries if the job site had too much rain overnight. Have your crane operator stay in the office and help with paperwork if wind speeds are too high for him to work.

Save Time, Save Money, Greater Profits.

Already have power to the job site? The Remote Watch UPS can then be hardwired anywhere on the site. Move it inside the construction project to the area you need the most protection. Move it up or down, floor by floor to allow architects, engineers or project managers to login remotely and view progress or issues.

Remote Watch Sentry

Solar, Communications & Cameras
in a Mobile System

A Remote Watch Sentry is your soldier in the field.

Stationed to stand guard and prevent / document damage to your fleet of heavy equipment and building products.

If heavy equipment is your business, this means you are probably the first trade at the job site. This also means you are probably isolated on the edge of a city or in the middle of no where with limited or no power. Our solar powered HD camera system can be deployed just about anywhere.

Think your equipment is safe? Maybe, but probably not. If someone is in the market for a particular machine or a part off of a machine or even just to help themselves to a few thousand litres of diesel fuel, then you are vulnerable.

Protect the equipment you rarely see.

A Remote Watch Sentry is vital to site security and management. The Sentry system can be set up to securing the perimeter, hidden areas and multiple entrances. With an endless number of optional features, a Remote Watch Sentry can be set up with weather stations, chemical, thermo-graphic camera and water sensors, speed radar and even license plate recognition software.

The Sentry’s are equipped with or without an attached 21 foot pneumatic masts for mounting cameras and optional lights. When units are configured with optional intercoms, sirens and lights, your control of an area is enhanced. Allowing the job site to be managed and monitored in real time from anywhere.

Remote Weather Station

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Protect your Equipment. Protect your Building Materials. Protect your Staff.

A Remote Watch System can be placed just about anywhere.

Solar, Wind and Hardwired High Definition Camera Systems.

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