Heavy Duty Equipment Cameras

Heavy Duty Equipment Cameras

Protect your investment and staff with HD Cameras

See and Track is an M2M solution designed to meet the needs of monitoring and tracking your heavy equipment. Heavy equipment is a significant investment, especially when you buy a piece of equipment and then do not see it for months.

Now you can watch what that piece of equipment is doing at anytime from anywhere.

  • Monitor site progress
  • review the days activities
  • know how that piece of equipment is operating.

Heavy Equipment AccientHealth & Equipment Safety

In the case of a mishap, you have real time video to review events step by step. Vandalism and theft events are sent to you by email. After hours incidents can be sent to security for immediate response.

Locate & Control

See and Track has built in GPS, real-time tracking and optional external sensor controls.
See and Track provides great value for protecting large equipment investments and operations.


Start Protecting your Investment

It doesn’t hurt to ask and it will be way less than any repairs to your equipment.

What is M2M?

Machine to Machine (M2M) refers to technologies that allow both wireless and wired systems to communicate with thier devices of the same type. M2M is a broad term as it does not pinpoint specific wireless or wired networking, information and communications technology.

See and Track - Heavy Duty Equipment Cameras

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