Farm Yard Cameras


Protecting the farm, family and equipment

SmartFarm is an HD Camera and LED Light combination.

Old Lighting trying to protect New Equipment?

Smart Farm Lighting is not your granddad’s old farm yard light. Mercury or Sodium Lights cast light (and shadows) and that’s about it. The light was placed to see your way back and forth from the house to the shop, catch your son or daughter coming home late and to see if anyone was on your property stealing fuel, chickens or equipment.

The problem with that, is you had to be on the front porch whittlin’ away with the shotgun at arms length in order to catch any of that activity.

Until now.

SmartFarm LED Lighting is here!

A SmartFarm LED Light watches your farm even when you are not present. The LED light has a HD Smart Camera inside with communication devices to allow you to see anything, anytime anywhere.

  • The LED lighting saves money while delivering superior brightness.
  • Our lights dim to save even more power and brighten when motion is detected.
  • When motion is detected, the HD Cameras starts to record.
  • Proactive messages are sent to your phone by email when motion and time schedules match.
  • The cameras can then trigger other responses, including sirens, more lights, recorded messages and it will send the notification to any number of people via email.

Still farming but living in the city?

Log in to the system and view the footage of the cameras at anytime from anywhere. Monitor delivery of fuel or seed or equipment instead of driving all the way out to the farm for a 5 minute job.

Farm Security Cameras and LED Lighting
Warning of intruders

SmartFarm is like a Dog

Barking to let you know there is somebody or something on the property.

The SmartFam LED light will intensify with motion detection and start recording any activity.

Warning of intruders

Smart Farm is like your Spouse

While lying in bed and she hears a ‘bump in the night’ she will elbow you reminding you its your turn to go see what is happening.

SmartFarm will send you emails or text notifications to let you know there is activity on the farm.

Warning of intruders

SmartFarm is like a shot.

No need to run out to the front porch in your slippers and robe to shoot off the shotgun warning to get off the property.

SmartFarm can be programmed to sound a siren, turn on more lights, play recorded a message all the while recording the activity in HD.

Take your farm to school.

Time to teach the old farm new tricks. It’s time to just let the dog chase the cat, let your wife sleep in and save the shotgun for hunting with all the spare time you will have.

This function has been disabled for Smart Camera & Smart LED Lighting for Security.

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