Parking Lot Security Camera Solutions

Parking Lot Security Solutions

Protect the Public, Staff and Assets

Smart Security Camera Systems for Parking Lot Safety & Security

Parking Lot Security Solutions

Why are lights placed in parking lots?

Obviously it Is it for security and to help people feel safe and find their vehicles. But how much security does just a light add? Sure, people walking to their vehicles at night can essentially find their vehicle and see if anyone is around.

A light can only provide a certain level of comfort. Face it, if you are alone in a parking lot or parking structure, even if something does happen, the light is only going to light up the area.

Smart LED Security Lighting with built in HD Cameras

Multiple Views or 360° Viewing

With just one HD camera in the LED Light fixture, you are able to set the camera to provide a split view or a 360° view of the area. Using our state of the art, built-in camera software, you can log-in to the camera from anywhere and change views, pan left and right, up and down and zoom-in and out.



Mobotix Camera Software

Our state-of-the-art Mobotix cameras which have many benefits:

  • Software provided free of charge
  • No restrictions regarding the number of cameras or users
  • Virtual pan, tilt and zoom (live footage and even with recorded footage)
  • Powerful event search capabilities
  • Simple camera settings
  • Simple camera settings
  • No hidden costs such as licence fees and software upgrades
  • It is all included.

As part of our maintenance service, software and firmware is updated where necessary, so INDEX systems are always up to date and moving with the times.

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What if a parking light could do more than just cast light?

iLUX LED Security Systems

Introducing iLUX
Smart LED Security Systems

An LED light fixture with a built-in HD 360° IP Camera.

Now you can light up what you want to protect and record all activity. With the iLUX Smart Security system you are also send SMS and emails to security personnel when incidents happen … not when you watch the recording hours or days later.


What are the challenges in securing parking lots?

Parking lots and facilities come in different sizes, dimensions and locations.

They are also often surrounded by trees and other objects that don’t provide proper line of sites for neighbouring buildings from seeing into them or they are underground or parkades.

These issues cause security challenges and thus why they are susceptible to crime.

Other issues for video surveillance systems include power, wiring, communication, camera functionality and staffing.

Not anymore. ILUX’s all in one system makes it incredible easy to add a security camera where you want or already have a light.

Combined LED Lighting, Communications & HD Cameras

Everyone wants or has HD television at home for crystal clear images of their sports teams or favorite drama. So why would you want analog or old technology protecting your staff and products?

iLux Smart LED Security combines high intensity LED lighting with advanced cellular, WiFI and high definition cameras to deliver a powerful and cost effective security solution.

Example Configuration of an LED Security System

Want to Protect and See More?

Protect your staff, tenants, products and everything you worked very hard to get. Not to mention lowering your insurance premiums?

See More, Protect More.

As the industry leader in IP Cameras, our cameras are able to be configured to watch more than you think.
Actual Footage from iLUX Security Systems 360° Camera View
Actual Footage from iLUX Security Systems

Parking Lot Incidents & Security

Articles and more.
If you look at the statistics ...

… roughly 80% of the criminal acts at shopping centers, strip malls and business offices occur in the parking lot.

Lawyers make a good living off liability cases based on a lack of sufficient security measures or not taking “reasonable care” in the protection of employees and customers against criminal threats. The lawsuits often revolve around lack of sufficient lighting, surveillance and response.

Once crime takes a foothold in an area it is difficult to break the trend, but there are some things you can do that can improve security, deter crime, reduce potential liability and make your customers feel safer. It’s interesting to note that where parking lot security has been implemented, customer use has actually increased because they feel safer.

Increased customer use means increased profit which can be used to justify the increased cost related to any security improvements.”

Parking Lot Security by Gary R. Cook,

The study of more than 1,000 premises security liability lawsuits ...

… over a ten year period revealed that in almost one-third of all the cases reviewed, the basis of the lawsuit was a murder, rape, robbery or assault that occurred in a parking lot or garage. The parking facilities included those such as might be found at office buildings, motels and apartments, bars and nightclubs, retail stores and shopping centers, plus, garages open to the general public. The study also found that jury awards or pre-trial settlements to the plaintiffs in the lawsuits averaged between approximately $1 million for assaults and $2.75 million for homicides. And since, jury awards and settlements continue to increase!”  

Parking Lot and Garage Security, by Ralph Witherspoon, CPP, CSC

“parking facilities are the third most frequent place ...

… in which violent crime happens, with nearly 1,400 attacks occurring each day.”

Parking Safety: Strategies To Improve Security In Your Parking Facility, David Rich

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