Support Services help you increase operational efficiency, lower support costs, and improve availability risk management through automated network-equipment inventory management and award-winning support. With these services, you can:

  • More effectively manage risk, plan for equipment upgrades, and comply with your corporate policies
  • Identify and resolve issues quickly and reduce downtime
  • Streamline contract management and access support resources faster

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Information, How To’s and More

Videos are now the best way to learn something new. Less reading, more hands on. Our library of videos are of our products and how they are and can be used.


Submit a Ticket Request

If you are a customer of SmartTalk Security, you will be able to login and submit a ticket and keep track of your support questions and our answers. .

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Installation & Configuration

Learning track for installation and configuration

Knowledge ensures increased efficiency of your customers’ video surveillance solutions. We have packaged trainings suitable for those of you working within the installation and configuration area of the industry. We recommend that you start with the baseline and go further to learn more, step-by-step.


Hands on Learning

Everyone learns differently and at a different pace. Join one of our training sessions and bring the staff that will be helping you manage your systems.

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Phone Support

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Chat Support

Use our Live Chat Support in the lower right hand corner of your screen.

This function has been disabled for Smart Camera & Smart LED Lighting for Security.

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