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Brightway Security delivers high quality end-to-end monitoring and security solutions, solution development, installation and support built for EXTREME environments. Many companies provide product but few companies deliver actual solutions. At Brightway Security, the difference involves problem solving as opposed to simple product installation. We take the time to listen, look at a problem and choose the best available solution. Our staff have extensive experience with electronics, networking, wireless, IT systems, surveillance and alternative power. End to end knowledge results in innovative niche market solutions such as Remote Watch, Remote Disaster, Weather Watch and more. These product are built to last in extreme conditions having been tested to -50 degrees C during the dark and cold of a Canadian winter. We enjoy challenging projects that require problem solving and planning. A mixture of technologies such as alarm triggers, surveillance, wireless communications, various messaging strategies, networking, storage, management software and monitoring are brought together to solve problems.

Advanced Mobotix Partner in Canada
Sierra Wireless Solution Partner
How smart is your city?

How Smart is Your City?

The Canadian Council on Learning has scorecards for over 4,500 cities and communities in Canada with five years worth of results and trends—plus interactive maps and charts to help you compare your city/town to one next door or one on the other side of the country. Find your city/town now. Source: MACLEANS

LED Outdoor Commercial & Industrial Lighting

Pole mounted LED Street Lighting

Most commonly used for LED Street / Roadway Lighting, Security and Parking Lot applications. Electrical or Solar & Wind Powered versions.

HD IP Security Cameras

#1 HD Camera

Don’t rely on outdated analog cameras or the public to record an instance on their smartphone. Watch your cameras on your own smartphone, tablet or computer.

Alternative Power Solutions (Solar, Wind & Hydrogen Cell)

Solar, Wind and Hydrogen.

Combine an HD camera system with solar panels, wind turbines or hydrogen cells. Now you can install a monitoring system just about anywhere.  Then using HSPA (Cell towers) you can view your cameras from the office, on the road or at home.

Weather Stations & Chemical Sensors

Weather & Chemical Sensors

Sight is just one of your basic senses. Add other sensors to your system. Weather (wind speed and direction, precipitation and temperature), water level sensors, H2S Gas and more.

Our Partners

QNAP Storage
ANPR Online
Sierra Wireless
Scallop Imaging
Arecont Vision
Cisco Systems
AMP Reconnect
AXIS IP Cameras

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