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Manufacturer of Professional Video Management (VMS) and Smart IP Cameras

Mobotix IP HD Cameras

German System Manufacturer of Professional Video Management (VMS) and Smart IP Cameras

MOBOTIX is a software company with own IP camera products, all made in Germany. In 2005, MOBOTIX launched its first professional video management system which is still being used in thousands of installations around the globe. These even include high-security applications like prisons, airports or soccer stadiums because MOBOTIX systems have no restrictions in terms of number of users or cameras.

The professional VMS and the video analysis are parts of the system offering and free of charge without any license fees. In addition, software updates are free via download and transform every MOBOTIX product into a future-proof investment with one of the highest returns on investment. Since 2015, all MOBOTIX cameras have used 6MP “Moonlight Sensor Technology”, which is very light sensitive and produces brilliant videos even in difficult low-light conditions without any motion blur.

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How an IP camera system works

MOBOTIX Analytics:

Behavioral Detection

Now you can set Mobotix cameras, hemispheric, single lens, ceiling mounted, indoor cameras, to start recording and send alarms notifications for behavioral motions such as:

  • Corridor – setting up areas in the camera view, the camera’s will trigger alarms notifications for anyone walking through the set corridor and event count the number of object moving in the area.
  • Duration of Stay – notified if a person or object stays to long in one place
  • Opposite Direction –  if person or vehicle is moving in a direction that may cause issues
  • Turning – if an object turns back
  • U-Turns – if an object turns around in a space
  • Speed – If objects move faster than the preset speed
  • Restricted Areas – setting up restricted areas on the camera will trigger alarm notifications if any thing moves through it

Notification alarms can be sent via:

  • SMS Message
  • Email
  • Phone Call with Pre-record Message
  • Sound an Alarm or Announcement through the speaker
  • and of course record the event in High Definition

MOBOTIX v25 Introduction

The new indoor dome with optional vandal kit.

A very nice indoor dome camera with a lot of extras and features.


MOBOTIX: The Top 10 Things Beginners Should Know

MOBOTIX Outdoor Cameras

MOBOTIX MxManagementCenter 1.1.1 – New Features

MOBOTIX Day and Night Cameras

Using MOBOTIX for small-sized systems

MOBOTIX p25 IP Camera Unboxing


Agricultural Information System

Fieldeye Agriculture Information System

Unique system to show pictures from any location and products on the internet immediately.

This function has been disabled for Smart Camera & Smart LED Lighting for Security.

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