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Issue & Solution

Brief Description

Backbone communications included high speed internet, 4 communications WiFi radios and 2 cameras.

Four radios were required to get around trees and reach key yard locations. Once communications was established, the placement of the cameras was easy.

Protection of key electronics and power conversion were technical challenges.
The delivery of reliable video of key events was made possible with this solution.

The Issue

Like many farms, a large foot print with dispersed building and operations made it difficult to know when people or vehicles were present on the farm site.

In the past, vehicles and individuals transpassed periodically. Thefts in the area have become common and family safety is a concern.

Documenting who, when and what happened on the farm site is valuable information when protecting property and people. Documentation is power providing valuable information to authorities and community.

The Solution

The project challenge fell into 2 main categories:

  • The size of the coverage area.
  • The presence of large trees dividing the living space from the yard site.

Communication between key buildings is the primary challenge. The use of RF radios (WiFi) or cellular communications were the 2 options. Cost and functionality suggested WiFi would be the best option in this case.

The strategic placement of a dual lens camera the Y-entrance allows for the use of a telephoto lens to read license plates and get detailed information related to vehicles entering the yard. The second lens provides and excellent view of the yard site along with the coming and going of the people and vehicles.

The placement of a 360 degree HD camera on the corner of the house provides details of the coming and going of people and vehicles for the entire area.
Access is provided via iPads, iPhone and CPU. .

Products Used

Along with extreme environment cameras, communications was critical for success.

  • Extreme weather compatibility suggested Mobotix would be best since no housings or heaters are required.
  • Communication between distant buildings was provided using Ubiquity RF radios.
  • For areas where 108 degree or 360 degree general fields of view was required, Mobotix Q25 cameras were used.
  • For detailed fields of view either single or dual lense cameras were used with with focal lengths and angles based on need.


All I can say is the cameras work. The job was done professionally. Alfred has been there there to answer our questions and I am confident he will be available to help in the future to help if there is an issue.

This function has been disabled for Smart Camera & Smart LED Lighting for Security.

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