Why Mobotix

Picture Quality – A good quality analogue camera generates approximately 0.4 megapixels to create a picture. A Mobotix camera sends 3.1 megapixels – around 30 times more detail.

Networkable – Mobotix cameras are IP addressable so they can easily be connected to a PC network. This could dramatically reduce cabling and installation costs. It also means cameras can be viewed on any networked device, eg PC, tablet or smartphone.

Virtual Pan, Tilt and Zoom – The cameras work just like a handheld digital camera; the viewing software enables easy manipulation images (live or recorded) including panning from side to side, tilting up and down, and zooming in on selected areas.

No Moving Parts – No heaters, no fans, no motors so maintenance requirements are minimal.

No Main Power – Low voltage power is provided via the data cable so there is no need for mains cabling to every camera. This saves both time and money, not to mention the potential mess.

Standalone Capabilities – The camera incorporates a speaker, microphone, motion detector, and memory card enabling it to be used in a variety of applications.

Low Cost Recording – Images can be stored on the built-in memory card, on the PC, on a memory stick, or on an external NAS storage device. All of these options are significantly cheaper than a traditional VCR or HDR and offer fantastic flexibility.

Value For Money – Simply, there is no other camera in this price range that offers this great package of features.

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