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With nine locations in Regina, Moose Jaw, Assiniboia, Windthorst, Weyburn, Davidson, Raymore, Watrous and Chamberlain. Young’s Equipment Inc. is stronger than ever, and even more committed to agriculture than it ever has been before. We have our employees, customers, and the communities we operate in to thank for this.

Issue & Solution

Brief Description

The issue of coverage for a large building and lot footprint required strategic camera placement based on client objectives to minimize blind spots while optimizing coverage for strategic areas of interest.

We were able to cover specialty areas with the use of Smart Parking Lot Lights which have built in cameras and communication back to main buildings. In addition, the develop of the Snare Cable Security system was completed to stop the theft of small equipment such as Kubotas.

New and enhanced software was employed to help amalgamate sites into one review and management strategy.
The integration on technical support with in house client services optimizes the operation, maintenance and support of the technology.

The Issue

Like all businesses theft, vandalism, health and safety and operations management need to be managed.

These issues impact insurance costs and therefore impact the bottom line. Lighting, fencing and operational processes all impact the overall security picture.

Technical issues include:

  • The large building and lot footprint presents a technical coverage and operational challenge.
  • Protection of specialty products is an issue.
  • Multi site video monitoring and video management processes are challenging.
  • Multi site systems management is a challenge.
  • Licence plate recognition is important but challenging with multiple entrances.

The Solution

The solution selected was a balance of coverage and image detail to optimize performance and cost.

Focusing on risk areas such as entrances, yards, shop and parts, we were able to optimize coverage and detail using a mixture of HD cameras with single and dual lenses. License plate recognition software for focused entrances was provided.

Products Used

  • Overall coverage of retail operations was provided with Mobotix C25, P25, Q25 or M25 cameras.
  • More detailed coverage was provided using Mobotix D15 dual lens cameras.
  • Placing cameras at the property entrance sign provided detailed coverage on key entrances and areas. Communications using WiFi communications makes such placement possible.
  • A QNAP NAS was selected for file storage. Raid with 12TB of storage provides 3-4 months HD recording per camera with the option to add cameras or double storage per camera.
  • SMART LIGHT for parking lot protection and security of small equipment such as Kubotas.
  • Snare Cable Security System for protection to small equipment such as Kubotas


Young’s Equipment has been very happy with the work we’ve done with SmartTalk Security.

The quality of the solutions they’ve provided has been exceptional. In addition to protecting our business from theft, being able to monitor our operations remotely gives us the opportunity to create a safer work environment by reviewing incidents and near misses. Not to mention the system has already more than paid for itself by allowing us to resolve a couple accidental damage events in which we otherwise would have never know what actually happened.

I would not hesitate to recommend SmartTalk Security for any on-farm or business monitoring applications.

We chose Alfred because of the quality technology offered by his company. My technology team understands how his leading edge technology delivers leading edge solutions. I want to align with a company that delivers innovation, support and service that fit our direction. Smart Talk Security is that company.

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