Smart Farm Security with a Cherry on Top!

“Protecting Families and Farms”


Protecting the Farm

Farmers want solutions such as extra eyes on the farm and in the community to protect their families. Insurance costs are increasing because of crime and changing farm conditions. Law enforcement resources are few and their time is limited.  The question is how can each one of us make a difference?

Brightway Security and Cherry Insurance AgSecure are making a difference by combining solutions that make a difference to you. “We want to help the Ag community help themselves by providing access to technologies that empower people. By empowering people, we reduce risk and this results in reduced cost for everyone.”

“Attitude, expectation and  action come together to make a real difference in a business and community.” Providing a Smart Farm Security System reduces theft and reduces insurance costs helping the bottom line but the real difference occurs when we all work together creating change from within. Today neighbors help neighbors, with more information we can better help each other and at the same time the larger community.  With our help you can share pictures, video and information with family, friends and law enforcement to help one another. We are working to help make a difference for you.

Using Technology to Protect the Farm & Community

Staying Connected.

In today’s connected world, you can see your farm, know when someone is on the farm and when someone leaves a farm site.   With advancements in cell tower technology, rural areas have better coverage. Combining that with Smart LED Lighting and HD Cameras,

Brightway Security offers peace of mind for the farm.

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