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High Definition IP Cameras, Radio/Cell communications and SMART LED Lighting

It’s one thing to have cameras and communication products. It’s another to know how to install them and use them. SmartTalk Security provides solutions and installs products.

Our ever evolving knowledge and thirst for new products allows us to solve the solutions of our clients. There is not a product out there that can be purchased off-the-shelf that can accommodate the issues of our clients.

We combine technologies and use the #1 IP Camera in the world to solve issues.

There is a difference between Product and Solution

Review some of our client solutions below. More will be added from all types of sectors.

Young's Equipment Regina

The issue of coverage for a large building and lot footprint required strategic camera placement based on client objectives to minimize blind spots while optimizing coverage for strategic areas of interest.

We were able to cover specialty areas with the use of Smart Parking Lot Lights which have built in cameras and communication back to main buildings. In addition, the develop of the Snare Cable Security system was completed to stop the theft of small equipment.

Broadgrain Commodities

This was a technically challenging project because of the extreme environment, distances, structural configuration and required visual coverage and acuity.

From a business perspective, placement, coverage, storage and video retrieval was needed.  Reliability, functionality and accessibility was important. Event, error and storage notification was needed for quick response.


Camera placement with the goal of optimizing coverage and budget was the challenge.

Cowtown management had an excellent understanding related to product loss and staff management.

The installation of a movable covert camera helped fill in gaps in the existing coverage.

Triple C Farms

Backbone communications included high speed internet, 4 communications WiFi radios and 2 cameras.

Four radios were required to get around trees and reach key yard locations. Once communications was established, the placement of the cameras was easy.

Protection of key electronics and power conversion were technical challenges. The delivery of reliable video of key events was made possible with this solution.

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