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Brightway Security Client Testimonials

We are proud of what we do and we love what we do. But most importantly we are proud of what our clients have to say about us.

Anyone can sell a camera. Anyone can install a camera.

We sell solutions.

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Brightway Security’s challenge …

…was to install a high-definition camera system to a highly secured construction site on a 6.5 acre lot without wires for communications or power. Robust cameras with night-vision capability were required to capture day to day activities of the site as well as provide coverage for both on and offsite security teams to monitor throughout the night. Brightway Security designed a rugged 225W solar panel with integrated battery cabinet and up to 5 days of battery power for monitoring and communications.

This rugged powder coated frame needed to be sturdy enough to be moved occasional by heavy equipment on site. The cameras themselves were to be mounted on existing telephone poles spread around the site. Brightway Security selected the Mobotix M15 camera due to it’s unique robust hardware configuration and advanced monitoring software. Brightway Security designed a complex yet simple to use wireless solution using Ubiquity wireless devices to communicate to a head end and network rack within a site trailer. The system had to be reliable and fast to allow our team to monitor site operations.

The result was a state-of-the-art system which performed just as expected. The frames are beautifully finished in grey powder-coat and look great. The camera systems came pre-configured and setup was simply plug and play. Monitoring the system is a breeze due to Mobotix’s great software. Brightway Security was very helpful every step of the way including helping set up external addresses for the devices so remote users can log in easily. The only thing we would have done differently for the next time would be to purchase the stations with their own mast – servicing them on existing fixed poles requires a man-lift. I would highly recommend working with Brightway Security for any of your monitoring and wireless needs.

Alfred is extremely reliable, easy to work with and taught me a ton about the product. Their product and service is second to none.

Ehvert Mission Critical

Ehvert Mission Critical specializes in the engineering, procurement, construction, integration and support of mission-critical facilities.

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Chris Johnson

Ehvert Mission Critical

We wanted a state of the art surveillance system to see everything.

We wanted to read license plates, watch the building perimeter and we wanted long term reliability. Brightway Security delivered a solution that works. We started out small and worked with them until I got what I wanted.

They are available when I need them. Service like this is what we expect. They know their stuff and deliver.

Folk Construction & Excavation Regina

We are a successful and growing firm with more than 30 years of success investing in, managing and building residential, office, retail and industrial properties in Western Canada.


Steve Folk

President Folk Construction

The Product, The Knowledge & The Solution

I was referred to Brightway Security by a friend who thought they had a good solution. They put a 360° degree camera on the corner of our building from which I see our entire yard.

This was great.

More important, Brightway Security has been watching over our system and has been very proactive so issues are resolved before they became problems.

Bogdane Trucking

Bogdane Trucking Ltd. works with customers throughout North America to provide the best trucking services possible. We work in all of western Canada, including Ontario, and the United States. Since 1987, our experienced team of professional operators has hauled dimensional and loads.

Barry Bodgane

President Bogdane Trucking Ltd.

It is like night and day.

… a couple of years ago I replaced my old camera system with Brightway Security’s new technology. Two cameras do more than 4 of the old ones and I can actually see something from home or when away over my phone. It’s great. They provide me alarm technology, wireless solutions, home automation, satellite installation and more. These guys care about customers and service.

Arnie Kowalchuk

Buesinessman & Consultant

Brightway Security is not your average surveillance/alarm company.

The difference is related to their commitment and approach to a problem. They are committed to quality technology and service. They are available and understand technology. Their knowledge of systems and communication y is obvious in the products they are bringing to the market.

When a problem appears, they do not turn away or ignore the problem but instead, confront the problem and in most cases look for a solution that not only solves the problem but goes beyond to eliminate the potential for the issue to appear in the future. We use their services and look forward to working closely with Brightway Security on helping our clients solve problems.

Glenn Macza

Future Communication

It’s not just about the camera, its the service

Several video surveillance service providers were carefully considered … before we chose Brightway Security. We were not sure it was a good choice, but there proposal gave use more coverage at a great price and their technology seemed more advanced. Brightway Security installed the system, removed the old cameras and have helped us learn and configure the system to meet our needs.

We can now say our intuition was correct and we are very happy to have Brightway Security as our provider. There is a lot more we can do with their technology and to this point their service has been great.

Lowan Buchan

Food Manager

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